Berry Bowls

$48 per set 
available by order

Designed specifically for use with strawberries these colanders help keep berries fresh longer without needing to store them in the refrigerator.   The bottom half of the bowl is left  unglazed to prevent the build up of
moisture.  The holes provide air circulation  around the lower layer of
fruit to keep it cool.  The saucer helps catch the drip of berry juice on the counter or table.  This colander is dishwasher safe.   enjoy !

Available in brown stoneware
with flowers in white, yellow, blue, red or violet.



Face Jug Series

This Face Pot Series is my modern day play on the antique Face Jugs created by South Carolina slaves. The making of southern face jugs is a ceramic tradition that has been dated back to the 1840's.  Sometimes known as "ugly jugs" face jugs were thought to have begun in Edgefield county, South Carolina by African slaves who worked on the plantations as potters.   All my pots in this series are made from porcelain and finished with a celedon glaze. The face details are "painted" on with glaze and are permanent. These jugs will hold liquid and are food safe. 

"Earlene always had time for a friendly chat"




"Marge had a new hat for Bridge Day"




"Victoria's heart belonged to another era."




"Jane pined for her English rose garden"



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