Originally from Knoxville TN, I now live in Aiken, SC. I work in clay and have been making pottery for 10 years. In January of 2005 I decided to follow my lifelong desire and began my career as a professional sculpture artist. Since then I have participated in exhibits such as the "South Eastern Regional Sculpture Competition" in South Carolina and "Fine Art for the Garden" at the Gloria Kennedy Gallery located in the DUMBO art district of Brooklyn, NY.
My introduction to clay was making pottery. I strive to create unique and useful pottery pieces which are also a work of art. Most of my pottery, like my sculpture, has some form of embellishment or decoration. Often you will find carved or painted vines,leaves and trees on my work. Having grown up in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains, nature and the outdoors became a strong influence in my life. During my years as a whitewater kayak instructor nature became increasingly important to me and I found spending time outdoors vital to my sense of inner peace. Now you will see this love of nature emerging in my art work.
My passion is sculpting and has become the primary focus of my time in the studio. As I matured as a sculptor I began work on a torso series creating female forms expressing the complex and beautiful nature of women and their relationship to life. From this emerged my Goddess Series, sculptures made to be used in gardens as a blending of art with nature. In my Garden Goddess Sculptures I try to express the beauty of feminine fertility combined with the serenity of life and regeneration in the garden.

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